Our Story

The story of little apple goes back to late 2012 in the little town of Woodstock, NY. It was the thought of creating a company that would offer the community and visitors to Woodstock, healthy and delicious products that could be enjoyed by people of all ages. The original thought was to offer Cold Press Juice and Superfood smoothies and add some vegan treats along the way. Owner Maish Freedman tells the story of what happened next.

“We were spending weeks in the beginning fine tuning recipes and then additional weeks coming up with names and I just felt something was missing from the menu, and it was something for kids to enjoy, it was then I decided we would carry some frozen yogurt, but not just any frozen yogurt, it had to be all organic and gluten free as well as have some vegan flavors as well. We then found a small company out of California that could produce this for us and we bought the machines. It still amazes me the difference in quality and flavor from our product to the others. It really is a product far superior to the others. It also gives the entire family an opportunity to enjoy the Little Apple experience…”

The Woodstock store opened on March 29, 2013 and was an immediate success. Months later an outdoor café and patio was opened and we started delivering juices throughout the Hudson Valley.

Little Apple has since expanded into the wholesale business and has started to leave footprints in various retail stores within Hudson Valley, while continuing to expand across New York State and into International markets…