Krazy Kale

krazy-kaleKRAZY KALE CHIPS are made with peace and love in Woodstock, New York with a special blend of wholesome and organic ingredients, making them Krazy delicious!

WHY KALE? Kale is truly an amazing vegetable, loaded with fiber and vitamins A, C and K, Kale is a powerful antioxidant with exceptional nutrient richness and delicious flavor.  Consuming of super nutritious Kale on a regular basis can reduce cholesterol, lower blood pressure and will help support a healthy immune system.


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krazy-kale-originalOriginal (2oz) $6.75
Savory Lemon & Bell Pepper
In the beginning, there was the “original”, a staple for the kale chip enthusiast, savory and sweet.



krazy-kale-mad-onionMad Onion (2oz) $6.75
Onion & Garlic
True to the essence of sour cream and onion, this will have you saying “I can’t believe it’s not dairy!”



krazy-kale-coco-locoCoco Loco (2oz) $6.75
Coconut & Cacao
With flavors as sweet as the benefits, these are full of anti-oxidants that give you a Krazy happy boost. Kids love ’em!



krazy-kale-vegan-pizzaVegan Pizza (2oz) $6.75
Sun-dried Tomato & Garlic
A mouth watering blend of spices… a gondola ride for your taste buds.



krazy-kale-krazy-spicyKrazy Spicy (2oz) $6.75
Cayenne & Tahini
Caution! These sultry flavors come together for a unique spice sensation that is Krazy delicious.



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